The most important part of your home or building is the roof over your head. It protects you, your business and your possessions, and can enhance the beauty of your property. That’s why Whistler Steel Industries offers you a better corrosion resistance roofing system. It is made up from pre-painted coil to impart its color and extends its durability. The post cutting roll forming process assures you the most efficient, consistent, and accurate dimension of our products.

WHISTLER STEEL, manufactures different roofing materials, purlins, steel floor decking, and accessories from imported coils and formed with utmost precision, quality, and safety.

Whistler Steel Roofing guarantees that if the products are installed and maintained properly, will meet its minimum expected performance levels. We custom made lengths for your satisfaction and installation convenience.


Quality at its best

We want to produce the best products for our clients so we manufacture our own metal roofs in the job site under the supervision of our technical support team to ensure the the highest standards of quality control are met.

Services guaranteed in 2 hours

We make sure to yield the best results budget and service-wise, Not only do we offer high-quality materials that are affordable, we also see to it that orders are made available in the earliest possible time.


We accept and deliver orders of roofing materials of any transportable length. We also give our clients and contractors the option to borrow our equipment if they prefer to have the roll forming done in their own site since we value comfort and accessibility

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